General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The subject of the General Terms and Conditions specified below comprises the commercial letting of rooms by the Lessor, Sakura GmbH,
as well as the 
General Terms and Conditions of the respective service provider, referred to as the Lady below.

The further services by Sakura GmbH (catering and bar facilities, sauna and massage operations, etc.) do not form part of the subject of these General Terms and Conditions.
The respective service recipients may be referred to as the Guest.
The statutory conditions shall not be affected by this. 

I. General Terms and Conditions of the Lessor

1. Contract with the Lessor

The Lessor provides rooms to the Lady for a fee in the framework of a lease agreement.
Employees of the Lessor welcome you on behalf of the Ladies.
The specific service to be provided to the Guest by the Lady is not part of the Lessor’s lease agreement.
The character of the sexual services is exclusively determined between the Lady and the Guest under their own responsibility.

2. Image and text description of the services provided by the Ladies by the Lessor

These descriptions are provided on the basis of information and material by the respective Lady.
The Lessor does not accept any warranty for the content of this information and these materials. 

3. Payment

The Guest is not charged a separate fee for the provision of the room.
The respective services are settled directly between the Guest and the Lady.

4. Legal venue

In as far as permissible, Böblingen shall be the legal venue.

II. General Terms and Conditions of the Lady

1. Type and scope of the Lady’s services

The type and scope of the contractual services owed to the Guest by the Lady are determined between these parties under their own responsibility.
Apart from this, the General Terms and Conditions apply.

2. Lessor’s service

A contractual relationship is not established between the Lessor and the Guest in the framework of the provision of sexual services.

3. Fee

The respective fee which the Guest has to pay to the Lady exclusively covers the services to be provided by the Lady. 

4. Legal venue

In as far as permissible, Böblingen shall be the legal venue.

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